men’s hygiene and body care

It should be quick and effective, right? So what about the entire arsenal of cosmetics on the shelf? It does not help at all… as what you need should just be good, give instant effects and last long.

But first things first. What differs us from the gentle sex is not only the psyche. The difference lies in the structure of skin and its problems. Your skin needs care, yet different from that of women. So if you used to pilfer your partner’s cosmetics, it is time to end that.

#face cleansing

Washing face with water only is not washing at all – and you certainly do that from time to time. Water can remove dust and sweat, but it will not manage sebum that accumulates on your face. Washing face with regular soap damages skin’s protective barrier – yes, you do have it, too. So, perhaps it’s worth giving it a thought? The conclusion is simple: due to inadequate care skin quickly becomes gray, full of blackheads, it gets dry and ages fast.

It seems you need super-gel to wash your face and cream that will moisturize your face at least just a little bit and it will simultaneously delay the inevitable process of aging. So, at least two more things to do… and it’s not as easy, simple and pleasant as it seems – and time flies.

So, what if you had one tube at hand that would thoroughly wash your face and give it a healthier and more youthful look? One tube, at least two benefits, and lots of time saved in the bathroom! That’s definitely something for you.

#intimate hygiene

That area certainly means a lot to you. Even though you know well that intimate areas require special protection, all you have used so far was regular shower gel. And because it was at hand, it was sufficient, you never looked for anything special. And we guess it is quite necessary to take proper care of intimate areas and to think about a specialized product that apart from thorough cleanse will calm irritation, prevent infections of this area, minimize sweating and, what is essential, will neutralize unpleasant odor that might develop during the day. And if you just add the right texture, efficiency, ease of use, masculine scent and cool packaging, you will think the product is made for you.

#sweat protection

No one has to tell you or remind you that using deodorants or antiperspirants is an obvious thing. You are a man, you sweat much more intensively, so your needs are also increased. The range of products is great, however, you need one thing: effectiveness – because the right antiperspirant should above all guarantee full protection from sweat. And it should not irritate the sensitive skin on armpits, cause unpleasant itchiness or stinging.

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